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She is the sunlight;

She lives in a daydream I don't belong.

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Hey love,
I am a constant satellite of your blazing sun
My love...
I obey your law of gravity, this is the fate you've carved on me

"Whether one is Methuselah or Terran
...all of us are Human."


Shahrazad al-Rahman is a Methuselah ("Vampire") of the Empire, she was born in a high-ranked linage and acquired the title of Countess of Babylon after her parents passed away. Her uncle, the Duke of Tigris Suleyman, raised her since then. He took her to the borders of their country and taught her to love the Terrans ("Humans") as her equals. Her servants became her family over her Noble peers. Because of this and her gentle heart she was known as The Benevolent (or The Merciful) in the nation. Her "Awakening" happened when she was in a gray age area between sixteen and twenty years. Since she became a full Methuselah, she placed in charge of the selection of guards in Timişoara, the second capital of the Empire.
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